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      Book: Art of Pole by Ines Marques
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      • Book: Art of Pole by Ines Marques

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      • Drawing from her own experience of starting from scratch without any background in sports, Ines guides you through the fundamentals about pole dancing and shares her secrets to success. This book includes Ines's personal tips and tricks, as well as 250 pole dancing figures ordered in an easy-to-learn way. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, you'll find something…
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      Pole Grip
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      • Pole Grip

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      • WHY POLE GRIP? VEGAN FRIENDLY ♥ PoleGrip™ conforms to current UK & EU cosmetic regulations, and is also vegan friendly. Blended with a special formula containing, Alcohol, Silica, Sodium Bicarbonate & Aqua.   NON-STICKY SOLUTION PoleGrip™ offers a non-sticky solution specially developed to improve sports performance. This gentle long-lasting non-slip formula improves your grip and offers the protection you need.   SPECIFICALLY…
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      Yoga Elastic Bands
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      • Yoga Elastic Bands

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      • PACK 5  Skin-Friendly and Durable our yoga bands are made from 100% environmentally friendly natural latex and are very skin-friendly. This means they always feel comfortable – even after long exercise sessions. Due to their good quality, the bands are tear-resistant, elastic and durable.